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Puppy planning and preparation


Puppy Training

Adolescence Training


Loose Lead Walking

Commands and Manners

£45 per session


Separation Anxiety

Resource Guarding

Fears and Phobias



£45 per sessions


Preparation and planning 

Understanding your rescue

Building confidence and bonding

£45 per sessions


Training and behaviour management in my home

Video footage and 'going home' training pack

Various durations available from 1 day to 2 weeks

Refresher days and weekends available

Price on application




1-1 training sessions with Flip have made a hugely positive impact on my relationship with my young, lively Cocker spaniel. I have more confidence and we are both enjoying walks and playtime so much more. Flip is guiding us through sessions with a quiet, calm authority. They are well planned and built upon our particular needs as owner and companion. She is patient and understanding, with a wealth of knowledge and expertise to support us. Flip makes herself available between sessions to answer any queries etc. A very positive experience. 

Rosie 19.01.24


Felicity has been incredible! Our two male dogs had started to challenge each other and the aggression was getting worse. We were unsure what to do and wanted to explore all options to ensure we did what was best for our dogs and for us. Flip gave us a really insightful overview of what was happening and some simple exercises to follow to help.  The change we have seen in such a short time has been amazing. We are happy and our dogs are more relaxed and much happier too. We really can’t thank you enough Flip!

Lisa 18.01.24


Our dogs, Toby and Barney are rescue dogs from abroad. Toby is now 4 and was bred for the meat market in China. He had no meaningful human interaction until he was rescued and brought to the UK at 8 months old. Barney is 3 and was a street dog in Macedonia, fending for himself until rescued at 18 months. So to say they had very difficult starts in life and have special needs is an understatement.
However, with Flip’s skills and knowledge of canine behaviour, both Toby and Barney have gradually transitioned for the better through her training. Flip is brilliant at understanding both of them and is able to anticipate when to adapt situations to their needs. Her regular training with them has really helped both dogs flourish, especially in environments they previously feared. They are totally comfortable with her; in fact, they adore her!

​Amanda 12.03.23

I was recommended Flip by a friend when our Golden Retriever was experiencing increasing separation anxiety when we left the house and also barking non stop when visitors arrived.

Flip had a wealth of knowledge about the psychology of dogs and what was behind our dog’s anxiety. She put in place an extremely detailed plan, checked in lots and was always available for extra questions by text. Flip has such a kind and caring manner and her adoration for dogs is obvious. Our dog could not get enough cuddles from her!

Beth 20.05.23

I have been working with Flip to help overcome some anxiety issues. Flip is great with our dog and has a lovely calm teaching manner. We are enjoying our sessions and making long term improvements. 

Rebecca 20.05.23

I booked Flip to give me some advice on training my Cockapoo. I was experiencing problems with call back and anxiety on car journeys and Flip was incredibly helpful and well informed as to how to counter these problems. I am already seeing a vast improvement in Ziggys behaviour and definitely feel that we have turned a corner after just one visit. I cannot recommend Flip highly enough.

Rowena 15.06.23

We are very grateful to have found the support of Flip. She has been so good at helping us to understand our dog's behaviour and she has offered us successful practical training solutions to help us and our dog. She is hands on and always demonstrates how the training should look - which is something we have found to be really helpful. She has supported us in-between sessions with tailoring the training and answering our questions or concerns. We still have some training to go, but Flip is helping us every step of the way and it no longer feels so daunting. Thank you Flip!

Sarah 12.09.23


Felicity Pike BCCSDip.AdvCanBhv

Certified and Registered IMDT Trainer

Accredited Canine Behaviourist

Qualified Family Dog Mediator

Qualified IMDT Puppy Specialist

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